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The Connection Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The smartphone in your pocket is not just a smaller version of a computer from twenty years ago. What is interesting in modern devices, is that they function together in unison. Contrary to popular myths, although quite similar to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning is not AI, but a part of it.

AI and ML Oversimplified

If Artificial Intelligence was a “human brain”, then Machine Learning would be a part of that brain. ML is responsible for gathering knowledge and processing it in a simple manner. The answer ML can provide you with is not always going to be the right one; it will make sense, but it will be the AI algorithms that will decide if it is efficient enough. Machine Learning is looking for accuracy, not much as success; with AI, it is the opposite.

Your Mobile Learning Device is Educating Itself

ai in your mobile device
While you engage in mobile learning from your mobile device, it, in turn, engages in mobile learning of its own. All those app updates? They don’t simply introduce additional features to your favorite application but help it function better based on your preferences. For that, you have both AI and Machine Learning to thank for.

Can ML and AI Exist Separately?

Yes and no! While machine learning is rudimentary enough to be used by its own in specific aspects, Artificial Intelligence cannot exist without it as it is its primary tool for gathering, comparing, and filtering data. Imagine a computer system with a learning disability; useless, right?

ML Evolved – Deep Learning

Currently, many companies around the world are creating a so-called “sub-set” of Machine Learning, called “Deep Learning”. The process of acquiring and testing its own knowledge is put into a “neural network” frame, in order to simulate thought processing and decision making of a human brain. So far, Deep Learning is still somewhat in its infancy, but it is proven that a system based on DL is capable of recognizing objects, animals, and people based on pictures – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Current Challenges in Further Development

The more advanced ML algorithms and ways are discovered, the more resources and processing power is required for it. Although ML and AI are part of the “software aspect” of things, the hardware itself has not yet reached such a level in which experimentation with those systems can be done cheaply and quickly. Humanity has only recently started experimenting with quantum computing, which can prove to be a valuable tool in taking Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the next step.

In the Near Future We Will Witness Something Extraordinary

With both ML and AI currently reaching the top of their current evolutionary status, it’s only a matter of time before they ascend to the next step. Our prediction is the creation of a uniform Artificial Learning Intelligence System, that will perhaps have the capability of serving as the first prototype of an actual Artificial Super Intelligence system. Whether humanity will enjoy a highly sophisticated technological future or create “Skynet”, remains to be seen – in the end, we all hope for the best.