mobile learning applications
If you’re reading this, you’re probably checking your phone at least once every half an hour when you’re not sleeping – perhaps even more often! Even people from older generations are getting into newer portable technology, and now the Internet is filled with an abundance of applications that can prove to be as useful as they are entertaining. Check them out – most of the mobile learning apps in this list are free, and won’t require many resources from your device, so feel free to check them out.

Literacy and Mobile Learning – Wordscape

As someone whose craft is connected with binding words in somewhat witty sentences, I understand that mobile learning and literacy go hand in hand. The “Wordscapes” app is both a game and a wonderful learning tool – it is basically a word puzzle, which you have to solve by rearranging a number of letters provided to you for each level. Even I learned words that I didn’t know existed!

More About the Human Body – Anatomy Learning 3D Atlas

The application Anatomy Leaning – 3D Atlas appears to be a plentiful encyclopedia on the human body. This software along with many others like it has become quite popular among medical students all around the world. Some anatomy apps are even so detailed, that they even have information about different human parts in Latin – helping future doctors when they need a quick reference before an exam.

Mobile Learning is Part of the Industry as Well

Mobile learning technologies have also set their presence in the world of engineering. Whether it is in the industrial sector, the IT sector, or any other area where sophisticated technical knowledge is required, you can count on modern apps to help you learn. For example, the app Computer Architecture & Org Pro offers materials, exams, courses, news, blogs, and a whole other useful information for those that are interested in computer architecture.

Unleash Your Artistic Side

Once upon a time, animators and painters had to learn the basics of drawing from watching anatomy medical books – today, things are much more convenient! In the drawing app section of Google’s Play store, there are tons of helpful apps! Every persistent beginner can utilize those mobile learning apps to become a decent artist in almost no time. In addition to drawing, people can also benefit from music creating apps, sculpting, clothes making, and a whole lot more!

The Latest Mobile Learning Devices Help a Lot

Let’s face it – you cannot change the perspective of a picture inside a textbook. An incredible advantage of smartphones and tablets today is their interactivity. The process of learning new things and exercising your knowledge happens much faster and more efficient if you’re able to interact with your environment. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS-based mobile device, you can be sure that there already is an app for the environment you’re interested in. Check out the Play store once in a while, and you will be amazed by what you can find these days!